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DBR is a leading, licensed remodeling contractor serving Toronto and the GTA. We undertake all types of home remodeling projects, from small jobs that involve upgrading one or two rooms to mid-size jobs involving home additions and large projects involving a full-home renovation. If you have a vision of how you want your home to look, we will help you turn it into reality.

Why DBR Is The Number One Choice For Home Remodeling Projects in the Greater Toronto Area

At DBR, we have a team of highly qualified and trained experts with the skills and experience to attend to all aspects of your home remodeling project.

Our team includes qualified structural engineers and architects, creative interior designers and certified roofers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, amongst others. All of our experts work together as one unit to complete your entire home remodeling job so you don’t have to waste time looking for individual contractors to complete each specific job or supervising their work to ensure that all elements are all in sync with each other.

How We Work

Our first consultation is free, with no obligations whatsoever. During this first appointment, we will assess your needs and offer alternative options that may help you make a more informed decision on how to proceed with your home renovation.

After the final decision regarding the work to be done, we will give you a quote to complete the job with a guarantee of satisfaction. Rest assured our quote will be straightforward and competitive, with no small print charges or surprise fees. We will discuss all probable costs with you and do our best to stay within your budget. We may also suggest financing options if necessary.

From planning and designing to construction and finish, we take great care at every stage to ensure the completed job is of the highest standards, meets your requirements and complies with local building codes and regulations.

Designing – After we have agreed upon the nature of the work to be done, our experts will first work on the blueprints and architectural drawings. Based on this, we will then create replica 3D models so you can get a realistic picture of what the finished home remodeling is going to look like even before the remodeling work commences.

Construction – Our standards of construction are impeccable. We do not cut corners or compromise on quality. The materials we use are of the highest quality and proven to stand the test of time. We use the right tools for the job and follow stringent safety procedures at all time.

Convenience – We understand that disruptions are unwelcome. Our team will go to great lengths to ensure that the home remodeling projects get done quickly and quietly so your family is not disturbed.

Efficiency – Once we take on a home renovation project, our team works on it as quickly as possible so we can complete the job within a minimum time period without compromising on quality or safety.

Formalities – When it comes to a home remodeling project, our services extend beyond the construction tasks. We also take care of all licensing formalities and other legalities. We will obtain the necessary permits and arrange for mandatory inspections.

Home Renovation Jobs Performed

Specific home renovation tasks that we perform include but are not limited to:

  • Full-home remodeling

  • Interior remodeling of individual rooms

  • Exterior remodeling including repair or replacement of roofing, patios, outdoor decks, enclosures, screen rooms, sun rooms and more

  • Room expansions

  • Garage conversions

  • Home addition

  • Constructing outdoor barbeques and kitchens Installation of new flooring of any type including tile, hardwood or laminate

  • Installation of carpeting

  • Installation of modern, energy-efficient doors and windows

  • Improving attic insulation

  • Improving overall energy-efficiency by installing solar panels, LED lighting and other energy-efficient products

  • Landscape enhancements

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